Welcome to Sibella Shares!

Hello and welcome to my blog, however, you’ve found yourself here, I’d like to thank you for joining me, welcome!

If you appreciate anything from sustainable lifestyle, to what’s new in skincare, to the joys of the countryside and a world heritage city, you’ll enjoy perusing these posts.

A Bit About Me

My name is Sibella Chauveau and I live and work in Bath, UK, a UNESCO world heritage site, with origins as a Roman spa city and the jewel of the Georgian world. I moved here with my family about ten years ago from a little town called Ashland, Oregon, USA and before that, I lived in Battersea in London. One of the benefits of a French/American family is you do go back and forth a bit!

Living in both America and England, for equal amounts of time now, let me grow up with two separate cultures and ideas about self-care and sustainability. Ashland, Oregon, is a Shakespeare town with its very own globe theatre. I fondly remember growing up with farmer’s markets, holistic medicine and always fabric, not plastic, shopping bags. Sustainability and caring for the planet was something very important to many of the residents, so it did rub off on me. This blog will always be home to advice and product lines that respect the planet, up-cycle ingredients and use less packaging. I hope that you read a few of those posts!

Now my home is the countryside of Somerset, rolling green valleys, birdsong every morning and lots and lots of mud. Countryside living in the UK is different from how it is in America, and for those city slickers, you can now get your countryside fix here! Having lived in the countryside for ten years now, with Bath a skip, hop away, I’ve managed to find breathtaking local walks, wonderful places to eat and the little pockets of history that the British countryside is known for. I bet you didn’t know, that nestled in the hills of a tiny village is a church that’s been here since before the 12th century! I’ll tell you all about it in the next few posts.

I began writing this blog in the middle of Britain’s third national lockdown, I’d spent the whole unusually sunny afternoon on my laptop, researching a new skincare brand, popping products in my shopping basket and finding offer’s on the company website, which has become rather a speciality of mine. It’s been given the name ‘savvy shopping’ by most people who know me. So I decided to create a space for all my ‘savvy shopping,’ the brands I respect and cultural events I like to see, and like that Sibella Shares was born.

Skincare and self-care don’t need to clear out your bank account, but I can’t deny that I hear the siren song of luxury beauty like the best of us. So I’ve developed some habits, tips and tricks, if you will, that smooth the skin and lessen the blow on my wallet. That’s not to say that I don’t pay full price for the products that are worth every penny, which I will share with you all in due course.

I also want to speak to my reader’s, when I say this blog is a safe and judgement-free space to ask any question you like, about any of the topics I share with you, or even some new ones. Looking after ourselves, body and mind, shouldn’t be a stressful or confusing thing, but it can be, so any questions or queries are welcome, in the comment’s section, or even my email box. I’ll get back to them as soon as I can! I remember all too well my first visit to a retail shop, floor to ceiling full of products, the internet is like this but, with only a million times more products, information and some very bad advice. If you have ever thought about a honey mustard face mask or using your body cream as a face cream, my answer is, please no, no, no, no! Take those ideas away and throw them in the trash folder of your thoughts.

There is a whole world of products, techniques and tips out there, designed for your age, skin type and lifestyle, hopefully, they’ll make your routine a pleasure, rather than a chore.

So once again welcome, feel free to explore these pages to your heart’s content, if you think there is anything I should add, topics you’d like to discuss, I am always interested in hearing constructive criticism!