Great Reads

As an avid reader, my room is brimming with books, 1800’s literature topples from the desk, my beloved biographies are double stacked on shelves and beauty bibles teeter on the vanity which already groans from all my products. However, none of this ever stops me from venturing to Waterstones, Toppings or Persephone books every week, discovering another book I’ve never heard of, hastily tripping down the stairs at Waterstones to find the next great read or burying my head in another Royal tell-all.

Five Skincare Books To Build Your Best Routine

‘So why bother with a beauty book, we have the internet now?’ So many friends and customers have asked me this question, I may have even thought it to myself for a moment if I wasn’t such a book hoarder, and it’s a very understandable question. We have so much information on the internet and it’s very often free to use, however buying…