Beauty Technology

Sibella trying out her Duolab skincare blending device.

If you haven’t yet got your hands on the latest and greatest of beauty tech, not to worry, the tried and tested gizmo’s and gadgets are here.

The question is, do they really do what they promise and are they worth it?

As the world moves on to shiner and more efficient technology it’s no wonder that now our self-care has manifested its own gadgetry.

When I first began my skincare journey it was easy to watch a few YouTube videos and hop on the bandwagon of the newest, most colourful products that spun, cleaned and did any manner of thing. So that’s what I did, which is why when you read these posts, you can side-step all the disappointment and choose well-tested devices, loved and used by me for years, from some wonderful brands.

Gift Guide for Her: The Techno-Whizz

When you are gifting for a busy person sometimes the best gifts are pieces of technology that will make their lives easier and even a little more entertaining. From mixing and blending their skincare in 90-seconds to keeping their coffee warm as they run from meeting to meeting this collection is one of necessity and elegance. Merry Christmas! 1. A Christmas Skincare Spa Experience, Duolab, £179 For the gift of splendid skincare, Duolab blends technology with…

Gift Guide for Him: The Eco-Conscious One

The holiday season comes around for us all and while it can be a time of glittering Christmas trees, songs by the fire and the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, it can also be a time of immense stress. I share my own thoughts when I say, some people are devilishly tricky to purchase for and I am sorry to say gentlemen have their own category of difficulty, at least the ones in my…

Gift Guide For Her: The Eco-Conscious One

Shopping for the season is now in full swing, as bustling shoppers line the sidewalks, swinging heavy shopping bags from underneath garlands of sparkling Christmas lights. This gift guide is for the ladies in your life who are tuned in to the planet around them and always research a purchase before they buy. From the suppliers to the producers, each part of the process matters to them. I can count myself among these women and have…