Bridgerton Bling? I Know Where to Find It

Tucked away in the heart of Bath, lies the Guildhall, home to many a sparkling treasure, if you know where to look. One of the stands inside is NotCartier’s, which holds a vast array of jewellery, from vintage to costume, so when I learned from the headwoman, Gina, that she had supplied Netflix’s beloved TV show, Bridgerton I had to show you all. The crew has been filming in Bath and come to her to stock up on a few pieces for the show.

I knew I needed to share how to get the Regency look all the ‘ton’ will be talking about, especially since the second season is on its way!

When Netflix’s TV show Bridgerton began streaming on Christmas day 2021, 82 million households tuned in to watch the regency drama and splendour unfold, it has since been given the golden crown of Netflix’s most-watched show. Bridgerton surrounds a warm family of eight siblings and their search for love and suitable marriages in the competitive and intrigue-filled London season.

With grand and colourful costumes, sets and my very own city, Bath appearing often in the show, I enjoyed seeing the intrigue-filled story of the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) play out. For those who have not watched the series my lips are sealed, if you’d like to hear more, the infamous writer Lady Whistledown is your next port of call!

Imagine my surprise on my weekly jaunt to the Guildhall, when my friends, Gina and her daughter Katie, told me that the Bridgerton costume and design department had raided their sparkling shelves of jewellery to complete their Regency looks. They both went on to say that several of the pieces actually made it into the show, I have enclosed a few photographs of the jewellery Gina mentioned originated from NotCartier’s.

For the modern wearer…

For the modern lady or gentleman, you can take the regency look and pair it down to a few powerful pieces. For example, I chose a set of earrings, silver and square-cut cubic zirconia. Dangling a few inches below my ears, I’ve found they are best paired with a crisp collared white shirt, a baby-blue sundress, a white smock dress, or pinstriped trousers.

Often one strong piece, whether that be a pair of earrings or a sparkling necklace of pearls, can give you the regency look, rather than lots of little things. If you’d like to pair a regency coronet with some jeans, go ahead!

Thinking of the Christmas season?

As we move into the gifting season I do urge you to think of NotCartier’s. Only last year I bought my mother a set of pearl earrings and a dainty little ring set hallmarked in gold. She was so pleased by the quality of the pieces and in what wonderful condition they were all in.

So if you are visiting Bath or are a Bathonian, all you have to do is ask Gina to peer at the piece you like and she’ll tell you what it’s made from with her vast knowledge of antiques and a magnifying glass.

Happy findings everyone!