Cafe by Fly, an independent in the heart of Bath

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This post is unpaid and unsponsored, a gift to my readers, you will not regret trying out Cafe by FLY’s cakes either!

If you are looking to put your laden shopping bags down, or need to fuel up for a day at work, Cafe by Fly sits snugly in the centre of Bath.

I have always enjoyed watching the world go by around the Georgian city while doing my bit to support local producers by having coffee or banana bread, even the soup of the day. This cafe has lots to recommend it, considerate and polite staff, swift service and wholesome organic food. I’ve awarded them a 4.5 for all their great service, but also because their opening hours can be very interchangeable.

Nestled under the columns, is Cafe By Fly an independent coffee shop and gym all wrapped into one, with deep care for local produce and health. The FLY Fitness gym having a cafe attached is rather useful, after a session of cardio you don’t need to walk far to refuel with one of their acacia bowls or eggs florentine.

You can take a peek at their whole menu here.

The Cafe by Fly has earned its blog post, with kind staff and good service. For most of the summer months, they have been able to keep their opening hours long from 9am-6pm, even in the early days of May when Bath was quiet. I remember a particularly rainy and slow evening, I was sipping my hot chocolate under the colonnades and the staff left me in peace even minutes before closing, packing away the remaining chairs quietly, with no impertinence or tapping of annoyed feet. While it may sound odd, I have experienced such behaviour before, even thirty minutes before closing time, from other establishments. Oh, it was just wonderful to sit comfortably, sipping a warm drink rather than flying through the rain for the bus, with no umbrella I may add.

To edit my blog post, for the past few months Cafe by Fly has had a shortage in staff and has been closing at different hours, thought we’ll have to excuse them as they have been rather good in the past.

Bath in the rain is always brightened by coffee and a cake at Cafe by Fly. I shared a reel on Instagram a few weeks ago that perfectly encapsulates what Bath is like in the rain when you have the right place to be and such cake!

Pixie Independant

If you are at Cafe by Fly anytime soon pick up a Pixie card at the till or you’ll need to ask for one from a member of staff. Pixie Independent is a platform that only hosts local businesses and rewards its members for shopping locally. You top up your card and when you spend at these places, which can all be found with your app the point are converted into money. I ended up with £2.50 off my hot chocolate when I first joined!