Christmas in Bath

As someone lucky enough to call Bath home, I know that in its Christmas season, more than ever it springs to life. From the lights that illuminate the abbey to Christmas tree’s that spring up all over the city and the shop windows that put on their own parade of interesting displays, there is plenty to do in the city.

So I’ll be staying active and popping up plenty of blog posts on anything seasonal, from some of the best local shops to support, where the most fabulous baubles come from, the loveliest fragrances to faint over appear and the goings-on in Bath that make this place a truly magical city.

Eight Activities to do in Bath during Christmas Break

This Christmas, Bath is lit up like the night sky, with swathes of sparkling lights around almost every building or railing and Christmas trees that tower into the darkness. As expected the city has put on quite the show and presented us with plenty of activities to give laughter and joy during the season. 1. Peruse the Christmas Sales! Just after the most wonderful time of the year, Bath is brimming with sales. You can […]

Only in Bath Can You Get a Bookshop this Beautiful

Bath has been hailed as one of Britain’s most beautiful cities since the Regency era, and for good reason. Last Autumn Bath added another wonderful building to its retinue when the city approved Topping and Company’s rehousing from the Paragon to York Street. For its fourteen-year history, Topping and Company Booksellers has been nestled in between a few little shops in the Paragon, but from now onwards, its many volumes will be housed in the […]

Shopping On My Radar this Month-December Edition

Christmastide is now really upon us as December and all that comes with it unfurls. This month is full of sparkling lights, festive markets, black and white films and the hurried bustling that comes with a long gift list. I have spent many an evening, beside a sweet-scented candle, scribbling out gift lists for loved ones near and far. In the coming days, I plan to send out all my seasonal present lists blog posts […]

Shopping On My Radar This Month-November Addition

As the chilly weather sets in, you can find me either shopping around cheerful Christmas markets or curled up in my favourite armchair by the fire surfing the internet for wonderful gifts and sales. This month’s theme seems to be blues, whites and tans, from a beautiful handmade mug from Jo Duck Ceramics to a Padfield leather handbag fashioned from the byproducts of the meat industry, to me this is November. In this curation, the […]

Cafe by Fly, an independent in the heart of Bath

This post is unpaid and unsponsored, a gift to my readers, you will not regret trying out Cafe by FLY’s cakes either! If you are looking to put your laden shopping bags down, or need to fuel up for a day at work, Cafe by Fly sits snugly in the centre of Bath. I have always enjoyed watching the world go by around the Georgian city while doing my bit to support local producers by […]

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