Countryside Living

I’ve lived and grown up in the British countryside for almost ten years. I am lucky enough to live in a little village, just outside of the UNESCO world heritage city, Bath. I’ve spent some of the happiest of days swimming in the brook, running with my dogs through lanes of mud and discovering ancient buildings tucked away between the rolling hills.

Having spent so much of my time enjoying a countryside life, I’ve learned the rules of thumb and the best walks to take, that will not only lead you through beautiful views but show just how old England really is, through its hidden-away architectural treasures. The Somerset countryside also boasts some wonderful pubs and little parlour shops, if you know where to find them. So if you are looking to get away from an urban lifestyle or travel to the countryside, get reading!

Great Places to Stop While Exploring the Countryside Around Bath

While I can only personally recommend the pubs and farm shops of the South West, I find they are rather wonderful pit-stops while traveling the countryside. I discovered some of my favourites while jaunting about local beauty spots. Finding such a space is always something to look forward to, as well as supporting a local farm shop or pub. All the places mentioned use local farmers and Bath businesses to supply their food…

A Guide to the English Countryside

As someone who has lived in the countryside for almost ten years, most of my childhood, I have grown up with mud and grassy fields every day, along with all that goes with such terrain. I have many memories of being hoisted onto my father’s back through the muddiest of lanes when the puddles looked deep enough to swallow me up. After lockdown lifted I noticed people from all corners of England travelling…

If you would like to see more of countryside life and some wonderful places to eat at, take a peek at my Instagram page!

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