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Product Recommendation Disclaimer

I am here to give you product recommendations suitable for all skin types, concerns and preferences. Over the past few years working in the beauty industry I have had access to training from industry professionals in both sales and skincare. So many of my recommendations are based on my own experiences of the product or that of a trusted tester, (this is mainly for anti-ageing skincare lines, which are tested by my lovely mother.) This being said all skin is different and will react in different ways, the way my skin reacts may not be the same as your own or that of your acquaintance. It is also impossible to anticipate any allergic reactions you or a member of your acquaintance may have. If such a reaction occurs please contact your GP and alert the company you purchased the product from for further steps. I would also recommend booking an appointment with a licenced dermatologist if the reaction is very severe.

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I am a skin care specialist/advisor and have been trained by multiple skincare companies, in daily skin consultations. I am, however, not a dermatologist or a licensed aesthetician. I do not and never will claim to know more than the industry professionals. If you have a skincare concern that includes, but is not limited to, very dry peeling skin, an allergic reaction, redness and pain or a change in your usual skin behaviour, do not hesitate to contact a professional for advice and help.

I work daily in the skincare and beauty industry, and in that time I have picked up tips and tricks, ingredients, products and skincare strategies from licensed professionals and educated enthusiasts, like myself. As with most of my product and technique recommendations, just because it’s worked well for me, may mean it doesn’t do the same for you, skin is unique to each individual.

I do live in the English countryside, with the UNESCO city of Bath, not 15 miles away, so from a local’s standpoint, I do give advice on the best places to eat, shop and the museums I have enjoyed visiting. I do this with no monetary incentive from the tourism board or any of the museums, shops or stores. I bring you original, honest opinions on what is best enjoyed for all tastes and ages because I love my city and wish to share it with you all. However, these are opinion’s and yours may rightfully differ on the subject.

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