Sustainable Beauty

Unfortunately, the world of beauty can be littered with waste products, preservatives, chemicals, animal testing and companies that over-package their products. That being said the world of beauty is turning on its axis and many brands are realising that things need to change.

The first two beauty brands I ever worked with, L’Occitane and Duolab, both saw the magnificence of nature and have a deep respect for the biodiversity that makes up their products.

Somerset’s Collingwood candles.

I am by no means here to lecture anyone or to say what they are doing is ‘wrong’. I am a firm believer in the saying that we all grow and learn in different ways, but having spent so many hours researching, reading and trying out new ways to be sustainable I am here to be a guide of sorts. Being more sustainable doesn’t mean throwing away your current routine altogether, so start as I did, you

Gift Guide For Her: The Eco-Conscious One

Shopping for the season is now in full swing, as bustling shoppers line the sidewalks, swinging heavy shopping bags from underneath garlands of sparkling Christmas lights. This gift guide is for the ladies in your life who are tuned in to the planet around them and always research a purchase before they buy. From the suppliers to the producers, each part of the process matters to them. I can count myself among these women and have curated the products that I think they’ll like. 1. Advent…

Gift Guide for Him: The Eco-Conscious One

The holiday season comes around for us all and while it can be a time of glittering Christmas trees, songs by the fire and the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, it can also be a time of immense stress. I share my own thoughts when I say, some people are devilishly tricky to purchase for and I am sorry to say gentlemen have their own category of difficulty, at least the ones in my life do. I have compiled a list of all things…