The Brands That Care

I am here to bring you the brands that have put in the extra effort to care about our earth and bring us delightful creations to boot.

I think they deserve recognition and even praise, for leading the charge to make the environment a cleaner place. From reducing their plastic and packaging use to up-cycling leather from the meat industry these articles will show you the brands that really care.

Gift Guide for Him: The Eco-Conscious One

The holiday season comes around for us all and while it can be a time of glittering Christmas trees, songs by the fire and the smell of turkey roasting in the oven, it can also be a time of immense stress. I share my own thoughts when I say, some people are devilishly tricky to…

Gift Guide For Her: The Eco-Conscious One

Shopping for the season is now in full swing, as bustling shoppers line the sidewalks, swinging heavy shopping bags from underneath garlands of sparkling Christmas lights. This gift guide is for the ladies in your life who are tuned in to the planet around them and always research a purchase before they buy. From the…