Another Sustainable Swap: Solid Shampoos

“1 bar gives up to 20 washes.”

All three bars create a generous amount of scented lather that cleanses and scrubs away product buildup, oil, dirt, grit and pollution, all while protecting the scalp’s delicate balance and giving shiny soft hair.

L’Occitane has leapt into another sustainable swap, Solid Shampoo bars! The French beauty company has always had sustainability and deep respect for the planet’s biodiversity, close to its heart, so this is a wonderful step forward in its commitments. Their line of hair care products have been a favourite of mine for a good many years, each section specifically designed for a particular concern or hair type, then formulated with natural plant extracts.

Their aromathology hairline is free from silicones, sulfates, (including Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and parabens. They won’t strip your hair of any moisture or give an overly perfumed fragrance to the locks.

They’re easy to use, pop the ergometric little bar in wet hands and work into a foamy lather. While using my own shampoo bar I found that rubbing it gently across my scalp also helped to make a larger amount of foam, anyone who has thick hair, like myself will understand.

Free from silicones and sulfates and formulated with a prebiotic natural sugar complex, the bars respect and maintain the scalp’s ecosystem and PH while strengthening the skin natural defences. Each bar is enriched with a complex of essential oils, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Chamomile and PDO lavender.

Purifying Freshness Solid Shampoo Bar

For oily hair types

The bar addition of my favourite shampoo made its way into my shopping bag very quickly!

As someone who has glossy, oily hair, a shampoo has always needed to work extra hard to push its way past the oil build-up to cleanse my hair. However, the formula of such a product usually needs a fair bit of astringents to achieve this, L’Occitane uses fireweed and peppermint to cleanse the hair of access oils and product build-up. Both ingredients are natural and plant-based.

Intensive Repair Shampoo Bar

For dry and damaged hair

I immediately packed away this shampoo bar as a gift to my Mum, the double of her shampoo, designed to nourish and repair damaged, brittle and dry hair. With oat amino acid, sunflower seed oil and pro-vitamin B5, this bar is ready to soften and protect your hair from heat or chemical damage.

Its delicate sweet scent always makes a haircare routine a pleasure.

Gentle & Balance Solid Shampoo Bar

For all hair types

The final friend of this trio of planet-friendly bars is specially designed for all hair types. Named gentle and balance, it does very simply, do just that, it cleanses your hair and scalp while maintaining the delicate PH balance of your hair. With a delicate lavender scent and a combination of essential oils, this bar is here to soothe.