What to do in Bath for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day rounds the corner all of us search for ways to show our love and affection to the mothers in our lives. Whether you’re taking a day trip to Bath or you are a local to the area there are plenty of charming to-dos on my list.

From a cream tea at the blossoming gardens of the American museum to a rejuvenating spa day at the Thermae Spa, show the mother-figure in your life some care and attention on their special day.


The American Museum, the only one in Europe, is offering a wonderful present to all mothers this holiday. All mothers and grandmothers can enjoy a complimentary cream tea in the blossoming reopened Garden Cafe. After tea, you both can explore the museum and its newest exhibition Dress to Redress: Exploring Native American Material Culture.

(Advance booking is necessary. Offer on from March 27th from 10 am to 5 pm)

The view of the American Museum from it's blossoming spring gardens.
Sibella at the American museum exploring the replica of George Washington’s garden at Mount Vernon.
The American museum's UK address.
A replica of George Washington’s garden at Mount Vernon growing at the American Museum in Claverton.


Bath is home to Britain’s only hot and mineral-rich waters that the public may actively bathe in. While the ancient Roman baths is a museum you and your mum can enjoy a spa day at Bath’s Thermae Spa and enjoy all the same treatments and health benefits the Romans did thousands of years ago.

Book here to enjoy the Thermae Spa.

The Cross Baths at the Thermae Spa Bath.
Springs cafe restaurant at the Thermae Bath Spa.
Address of the Themae Bath Spa.
Rooftop pool overlooking the city of Bath in the Thermae Spa.


Walcot House or the Walcot as it’s informally known to my family, is one of the most charming restaurants in Bath. It’s a place perfect for so many occasions from the cafe I’ve spent many hours working in, to the leafy restaurant and jazzy downstairs bar.

With a menu that changes each day, you’ll always find variety and delightful cuisine.

The Walcot restaurant
Chocolate pudding with chunks of sweet honey comb at the Walcot restaurant in Bath.
Sibella's Mum enjoying lunch at the Walcot in Bath.


Tivoli offers a cinema experience touched with glamour and fine dining. Sit back and enjoy live streams of Bolshoi ballet productions or the newest musical. With cosy sofa-chairs and pillows for days it’s a change from uncomfortbale cinema seats.

After the film, you can both chat over wine and nibbles at the bar or enjoy a lovely dinner made from locally sourced ingredients at the cafe Tivoli.

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  1. I am looking forward to my Mothers Day tea. The weather is set to be fine here so the gardens at the museum should be beautiful. It is such a spectacular location.