Where To Eat?

Kitchens, cafe’s and wonderful cuisine are a staple of Bath life and any city worth visiting. I have sampled the best from the Bath area and beyond.

Now we can, once again, stride into our favourite restaurants and cafes, claiming our long-empty tables, I’m here to share a few of my favourites. And as I re-explore Bath and unearth new and exciting places I’ll point those out too.

To be entered in my list each place will have brought out lovely food, wonderful service, and as an added bonus sustainability and traceability of their ingredients, which I have found are incredibly important. I am not here to be Gordon Ramsey, as amusing as he is, but to show you places you’ll love and wish to return to, time and time again, as I do.

Six Wonderful Cafés in Bath you will Love

The beautiful city of Bath is brimming over with tucked-away corners and café’s to enjoy. I should know as I have spent plenty of time seeking out the best places and services with a smile. Whether you’re clacking away on a keyboard like me or enjoying a lunch out with the girls,…

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