Is This The Future of Skincare in a Contactless World?

The number two’s are your targeted concentrates, they add the super-charged ingredients to the cream, from the amazing anti-ageing Immortelle flower to very gentle Lactic acid.

Together these two capsules slot into the device and blend for just 90 seconds, then all you do is press on the formulator you see in my hand in the first photo to get your bespoke moisturiser!

After you have used your capsules you can send them to Terracycle UK, who converts the plastic into anything from hospital furniture to gardening materials, giving your capsules a second life!

As someone who has worked closely with Duolab for a year now and in skincare even longer I can say how much fun it was been to be walking alongside a brand that is heading into the future of more effective and safer skincare. I remember the excitement I felt when I first unboxed my Duolab device and began ordering my capsules and to this day I am still inspired by my skincare routine and always impressed with its results.

So in a few of my blog posts, I will be sharing Duolab with you, from the best capsules to purchase, its commitments to the environment and the ingredients that you press out of the capsules, it will all be here.

The world has changed in many ways over the past few years but one way it has transformed has been from the word ‘contactless.’ Contactless payments, no touchpoints and of course, no touching each other. 

So I had to see a little of the humour in it when just before the second lockdown in September I was asked to join Duolab, a brand new company that is changing the face of skincare, contactless-ly.

Duolab is a device designed to take two vacuum-packed capsules of skincare, warming and blending them into a custom moisturiser that’s potent and lightweight enough to be your serum and eye cream. The capsules are vacuum-packed to ensure maximum freshness without the use of preservatives. Each capsule is designed for different skincare priorities using potent plant-based ingredients.

The number one’s as they are labelled, are your moisturising bases, each one has been specifically designed for a skin type, whether that be dry, oily, dull, sensitive or mature skin.


How to Book a Skincare Consultation with Sibella

How to book a Duolab skincare consultation.

I should know, the internet can be a very confusing place indeed, so I have put together a little video for you, should you feel a little daunted by the idea of booking a consultation.

To get to the first page, the Duolab skin consultation page, click here!

All you need to do is select your preferred date and time and you’ll receive an email that says the time you have booked and an email from me to ask for any skincare concerns or questions.

To directly book a call with me click here!

As someone who loves and uses Duolab myself, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. If you decide that Duolab is for you and purchase something with my link I will receive some commission.