I’ve been an exhibition enthusiast for most of my life. One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday morning is comb through Bath Life magazine while sipping my tea, a pen at the ready to highlight any exhibitions or events I want to book into my diary. Bath, Bristol or London, wherever rich and beautiful art is displayed I am always in tow, like a moth to a flame.

I am also a true believer that art is a road from our past, frozen moments in time that we can look to for guidance, or perhaps a little reassurance that some things never change. They can bring moments of powerful emotion to the viewer, but also those of calm and clarity too.

When working with the public, one of my favourite moments in my hectic day was telling a visitor or busy Bath resident, about the newest exhibition at the Holburne or how on a Friday night the torches are lit at the Roman Bath’s. The elation and interest it so often brought them was a true tonic, so on Sibella Shares, I can do the very same with you. I’ve done all the research and am often the first into an exhibition, so read away and see which arty event takes your fancy.

What’s On in Bath this Winter?

While the weather may be rather nippy, Bath is once again brimming over with life and culture. As the new year unfolds there is plenty to be doing in one of the most beautiful cities in Britain. Whatever your preferred activity, from art exhibitions to musical festivals, light trails to historical talks, get stuck into what Bath has to…

What’s Open in Bath

Like many places around Britain, come May the 17th, the doors of all establishments are flung open to the public. For a gallery enthusiast like me, this comes as the very greatest of news. I’ve put together a group of Bath’s best and brightest exhibitions and events. At the end of each section, I’ve included a link to buy…

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