Duolab: Bespoke Skincare

I first started working with Duolab in late 2019, it was an opportunity that arose while I was working with L’Occitane. After months and months of lockdown, I was thrust into this wonderful community that surrounded Duolab. It’s a project that was and is new, exciting and the very future of skincare. I was entranced with the idea of bespoke skincare, blended and warmed for maximum efficacy, by choosing your capsules, packed full of strong plant-based ingredients (L’Occitane uses too) and 97% preservative-free. I couldn’t have dreamed up such a futuristic idea if I tried.

I joined Duolab as an ambassador and then was asked to join the beauty advisor programme early this year. I still remember how excited I was to open my very first Duolab package, a beautiful device in the colour ‘Sand’ and enough capsules to blend my skincare for weeks. When I lifted the device out of the box I knew my skincare routine would never be the same and after almost a year, I have used and loved Duolab each day. My morning routine, is a simple and efficient one, though not without its glamour and excellent results.

So it is my pleasure to bring Duolab to you because it’s worked wonders for me, my friends and family, which reminds me again that our skin is unique for all of us, always changing throughout the years. So to find a kind of skincare designed for everyone, all ages and skin kinds is something to share.

As a beauty advisor for Duolab, I am here to answer any questions, whether in a 1-to-1 consultation call in the comfort of your own home or via email. You can book a consultation here and or get to my contact page here.

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